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Backstage episode 2: About photos and self-irony

Updated: Apr 27

I personally am not a big fan of illustrations on my part. This is probably due to an earlier, minimally narcissistic streak, which nowadays I am so ashamed of that I boycott all self-photographs (selfies) or portraits of myself. My enthusiasm was correspondingly great when my band colleagues came up with the idea that we finally needed some professional photos. Since we are a pure democracy, my objections (irrelevant arguments) were literally thrown out and I was outvoted one to three. However, I was promised a raclette dinner together (in the middle of summer!) as a reward for good posing into the camera.

So it happened that Friday evening I gutted my rather sparse wardrobe and took everything it had to offer. The next morning we all left for "Schloss Köniz" with big clothing bags, trying to make a rocky impression. After all, these pictures should soon be our business card. More nervous than one should be, we waited for the photographer. In my mind I already went through my different outfits a hundred times. Suddenly I was worried about my belly rolls and how cramped they would look in which piece. In a short pause for reflection I had to laugh out loud because I was not aware that I could be such a diva.

When the photographer showed up, it turned out that it was not so easy to find a suitable place. But the afternoon flew by and we all changed clothes and poses, sometimes we looked serious and sometimes we shone into the camera. In fact, I can say in conclusion that it was an experience that I really enjoyed, even though I still don't find it pleasant to pose for a camera. But the results were all the more refreshing.

At the promised dinner together, where we usually philosophized about music, us and our band, we let the day fade away together.

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